Adam Sank's "Bad Dates" Nominated for Two Broadway World Awards! 

I'm thrilled to announce that “Bad Dates” has now been nominated for two 2023 Broadway World Cabaret Awards! Based on the Stonewall performances, the show is nominated for Best Spoken Word Show and Best Debut Show (Run of Shows).

BroadwayWorld Cabaret Awards

Winners are based entirely on public votes, and the voting period ends on Dec. 31, 2023. So please CLICK HERE and vote for “Bad Dates” in both categories.

Speaking of “Bad Dates” the shows at the Foundry in Wilton Manors were an absolute blast! And now it's on to Palm Springs, where I'll be performing the show for one night only at Oscar's. CLICK HERE for tickets!

After that… who knows? If you think you live someplace where people would like to see this show, reach out to me! Wishing all of you very happy, healthy holidays.

Much love,


After Four Sold-Out Shows, Adam Sank Brings "Bad Dates" Back to Stonewall for Two More Performances! 

After four sold-out shows at the historic Stonewall Inn this summer, Adam Sank is returning to Stonewall for two additional performances of his acclaimed one-man show, "Bad Dates: A One Man Show About Many Men," on Oct. 7th and 14th at 6:30PM. The show will be moving to Wilton Manors, FL in November for a limited engagement at the Foundry, where it will be produced and directed by Ronnie Larsen, and other cities may follow.

Lavender after Dark says: "Sank’s 'Bad Dates' is sexy, smart, and funny. But it also has its very provocative moments… Not just hilarious but also more relevant than ever...”

Veteran comedian Adam Sank ("Last Comic Standing," "The Today Show," Vh-1's "I Love the 2000s") came out of retirement with this new show about one gay man's fruitless 30-year-search for lasting love. From the future politician who kept stealing his Neosporin to the vanilla guy with the Christmas-tree-shaped member, Adam's dating stories are ribald and hilarious... until he turns the tables with one that is shocking and tragic.

"In that past, all my shows have been a random series of jokes, and one of the reasons I retired was because that was no longer satisfying," Sank says. "In returning to the stage, I wanted to try something different. 'Bad Dates' is about a single idea, which is the fact that I've spent half my life hunting for men, and what the cost of that is. And while I hope people laugh at most of the show, I'm also hoping they take away something genuine and heartfelt."

Ages 21 and over only. Graphic language and sensitive content. Audience discretion is advised. $10 + 2-drink minimum. For tickets and information, visit https://adamsank.com/. 

Adam Sank Reviews "The Curious Case of Natalia Grace" 

RECOMMENDED VIEWING (Or is it?): "The Curious Case of Natalia Grace" (2023) on Investigation Discovery. Also streaming on Max (formerly HBO Max).

As anyone who regularly listened to my podcast knows, I have long been obsessed with this bizarre and disturbing case. In fact, we talked about it so often that I created a special audio bumper for it, replete with horror movie music and children's laughter. ("Is she a sweet, young, lovable orphan? Or is she an EVIL DWARF IN DISGUISE?! Here's your Natalia Update!")

The basic facts, for those not in the know, are these: In 2010, Indiana couple Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted Natalia, a disabled little person whom they believed to be a six-year-old Ukrainian orphan. 

Almost immediately, they became convinced that Natalia was not only much older than six but also a crazed sociopath intent on harming them and their three other children. (And yes, that's basically the exact plot of the 2009 horror movie "Orphan.")

Six-year-old orphan or 'con artist' adult? Revisiting the strange story of  Natalia Grace | US news | The Guardian

Through a dubious legal proceeding, they had her "re-aged" to 22 in 2012, and shortly thereafter, they left her to fend for herself, alone in a shabby apartment that provided no accommodations for her disabilities, while they moved to Canada. Depending on whom you believe, Natalia was either 9 or 23 at the time. Either way, she was unable to care for herself.

The Barnetts, who eventually divorced, were both charged with abandonment in separate trials, and this six-part docuseries spends much of its time focusing on the trial of Michael, who also granted numerous and lengthy interviews with the producers.

And therein lies the problem with "Curious Case"; guilty or not, Michael Barnett is one of the creepiest people you'll ever encounter. Deeply histrionic, melodramatic, prone to fits of crying, screaming and pounding the floor, he's not just an unreliable narrator – he's a detestable one. And while his kooky antics make for compelling viewing in a car-crash kind of way, they don't shed a whole lot of light on the truth of the case. 

More as a warning than a spoiler, I'll tell you that most of the big questions remain unanswered by the end of Ep. 6. But if you're a true Nataliaphile like me, you shouldn't skip it.

Adam Sank Reviews "Barbie" 

First, I'm floored – shocked even – that Mattel allowed this movie to be made, screenplay intact. Not only is "Barbie" a scathing commentary on American patriarchy, but it's often a scathing commentary on Barbie herself – not the character, but the product. At one point, a teenage girl in the movie literally calls Barbie a fascist... to her face! ("You make girls hate themselves!" she says.)

Furthermore, the movie depicts an all-male team of bumbling Mattel executives – led by Will Ferrell, who's not given enough funny material – in a far less than flattering light. 

In short, this is NOT a corporation-friendly movie, and that's to be admired.

Reeder's Movie Reviews: Barbie - Northwest Public Broadcasting

There are also handfuls of genuinely funny moments, most of them centered around Ken, played winningly (and hotly) by Ryan Gosling, and Kate McKinnon, who shines as a mangled and uncharacteristically wise alternate Barbie.

I just wish the whole thing made more sense, and I know that's an odd request from a movie about dolls come to life. But it felt to me that the filmmakers were working so hard to hit us over the head with the noble feminist message that they didn't occupy themselves enough with the plot, which has numerous holes (unlike the dolls themselves). 

Should you see it? Yes. It's one of the most daring, provocative, subversive movies of the past decade. Will you love every minute of it? Probably not. But there are certainly worse ways to spend an hour and 54 minutes than staring at Margot Robbie's face.

A final note: I want to own every single item in Ken's wardrobe, most especially the floor-length faux fur and the black fanny pack with the gold chain strap. Expect to see me in that full ensemble come Halloween.

Adam Sank Reviews "Here Lies Love" 

Not only the best show currently on Broadway but also the most important, “Here Lies Love,” which began as a 2010 concept album by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, tells the astounding and true story of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos — brutal right-wing autocrats who ruled the Philippines from 1965 to 1986.

In bringing the show to Broadway (after previous regional and off-Broadway productions), director Alex Timbers and his co-creators have transformed the Broadway Theater into a massive discotheque, complete with a dance floor that replaces the theater’s orchestra section.
Through multiple video screens that project the action on stage interspersed with actual archival photos and video, the all-Filipino cast (a Broadway first) brings the story to life in a completely original and thoroughly thrilling way.
The action happens literally everywhere, and the audience — not just those standing on the dance floor around a rotating platform, but also those of us in the cheap seats — are summoned to dance at various times through the show. And we enthusiastically comply.
The cast, including Arielle Jacobs in a powerhouse performance as Imelda, Jose Llana as a sly and (historically inaccurately) sexy President Marcos, and Conrad Ricamora as an earnest Ninoy Aquino — the opposition leader ultimately murdered by the Marcoses — all deliver the gorgeous karaoke-style score with strength and style. But it’s Lea Salonga, as Aquino’s grieving mother, Aurora, who packs the greatest emotional wallop with her late-in-the-show performance of “Just Ask the Flowers.”
At the end of it all, Moses Villarama, who serves as house DJ and narrator, solemnly reminds the audience that, incredibly, the current president of the Philippines is Bongbong Marcos — the son of the couple who wrought so much terror on the island nation.
“History repeats itself,” he tells us. “Democracies all over the world, including here in America, are under threat.”
There’s never been a more important time for that reminder.

Adam Sank Reviews: "Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York" 

"Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York," streaming on Max.
I'm always interested in a true crime story, but this docu-series is so much more. Yes, in four artfully constructed episodes, "Last Call" tells the story of the murder and dismemberment of four gay men that happened in the NYC-Metro area in the early 90s; the panic in the community that ensued; and the multi-year investigation into finding the killer that followed.
But it also paints a much bigger picture of the homophobia and bias on the part of the NYPD and, to a lesser extent, other law enforcement entities that should have worked much harder and faster to solve the case – and would have, had the victims not been gay.
No spoilers here, and you're better off watching the entire series before googling whether the killer was ever caught. But a somber segment at the end points out that where we are now, politically and culturally, in 2023, is not much better than where we were then. And we might just be worse off.

Adam Sank Reviews! 

Hi, Kids!

A few updates:

1) My new one-man show, “Bad Dates,” has been enjoying a highly successful run at the Stonewall Inn this summer. The first two performances were sold out, and it looks like the final two will sell out as well. The website Lavender After Dark gave the show a glowing review, calling it “sexy, smart and funny.” You can read the full review here. And get your tickets to the remaining shows, Aug. 10th and 24th, here.

2) I'll be bringing the show the Foundry Theater in Wilton Manors, FL, where it will be directed and produced by Ronnie Larsen. The show will run over two weeks, Nov. 5-15, 2023. Performance dates and times haven't been set yet, but you can check back closer to the dates for info and tickets here.

3) I got verified on Instagram! Woo hoo! So if you don't already follow me there, please do! Here's my profile: https://www.instagram.com/adamsank

4) For several years now, I've been posting my reviews of various TV programs, movies and theatrical productions on Facebook. It occurs to me that while I'm accruing page views for Mark Zuckerberg, I should also be doing so for my own website. Therefore, beginning today, I'll be posting reviews here, including reviews from the past. I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for your continuing support, and much love.


Adam Sank Returns with "Bad Dates" (LGBTQ Comedy Event) 

Hey, Kids!

I'm happy to announce that I'm coming out of comedy retirement with a brand new show entitled, “Bad Dates: A One-Man Show About Many Men.” I'll be doing four performances this summer at the legendary Stonewall Inn in NYC. There's a chance I may be touring with the show elsewhere too, so stay tuned.

Here's the full press release:


Adam Sank in “Bad Dates: A One-Man Show About Many Men”


Thursday, July 13

Thursday, July 27

Thursday, Aug. 10

Thursday, Aug. 24

All performances start at 7:30PM sharp, doors open at 7:00.


Upstairs at the Stonewall Inn

53 Christopher Street

New York, NY 10014

How Much

$10 tickets + 2-drink minimum. Tickets available at: www.adamsank.com

About the Show:

Veteran comedian Adam Sank ("Last Comic Standing," "The Today Show," Vh-1's "I Love the 2000s") comes out of retirement with a new show about one gay man's fruitless 30-year-search for lasting love. From the boyfriend who kept stealing his Neosporin to the vanilla guy with the Christmas-tree-shaped member, Adam's dating stories are ribald and hilarious... until he turns the tables with one that is shocking and tragic.

"In that past, all my shows have been a random series of jokes, and one of the reasons I retired was because that was no longer satisfying," Sank says. "In returning to the stage, I wanted to try something different. 'Bad Dates' is about a single idea, which is the fact that I've spent half my life hunting for men, and what the cost of that is. And while I hope people laugh at most of the show, I'm also hoping they take away something genuine and heartfelt."

Ages 21 and over only. Graphic language and sensitive content. Audience discretion is advised.

The End of the ASS 

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: As many of you already know, I will be ending the podcast on Dec. 31, 2022. 

This was not an easy decision. For five years, I've given my blood, sweat and tears to make the ASS the most entertaining, informative, filthy, fun-filled show that it could be. We've broken news – as when Sanjaya Malakar came out as bi, and when Dolf Dietrich and Jack Mackenroth broke up (and then got back together). We've had some of the greatest entertainers in the U.S. on the show, including but not limited to Wilson Cruz, Bianca Del Rio, Charles Busch, Drew Droege, Michelle Buteau, Jeff Hiller, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Scott Lowell, Peter Paige, Peppermint and Lypsinka. And we've laughed our asses off. 

But I feel we've gone as far as we can with the show. And frankly, with my day job, corporate comedy gigs and assorted personal interests and passions, I no longer have the bandwidth or the resources to continue delivering the kind of show we do. And I don't want to half-ass it. 

I am grateful to so many people who made this podcast possible, most of all Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson of the Derek & Romaine Show. They gave me this platform, along with total artistic freedom, and supported it from Day 1. Please subscribe to their show and other wonderful LGBTQ podcasts at DNRStudios

The inimitable J.B. has been our board operator for nearly all of our 260 episodes, and the show would not have been the same without his singular personality, his honesty and his humor 

My beloved frost-pig, Ryan Frostig, was by my side as cohost for the majority of episodes, and our on-air chemistry was magical. Over the past year, that seat has been occupied by the adorable and multitalented Steve Chazaro , aka everyone's favorite chubby chorizo. I love you both and treasure our friendships. 

Our amazing guest-cohosts – including but not limited to Joanne Filan, Chris Harder, Tarik Daniels, Joey DeGrandis and Drew Lausch (who also served as our permanent last-minute-fill-in guest) – helped create some of our most memorable episodes. 

Most of all, I'm grateful to anyone and everyone who ever listened. I feel like we've been engaged in an intimate, weekly conversation since 2017. I hope that conversation continues, both on social media and in future creative endeavors, whatever form they may take. Please feel free to call and leave a voicemail with your thoughts and feelings about the show before Dec. 17 at 804-825-5277 (804-TALK-ASS). 

Finally, here's what you can look forward to between now and the end of the year: 

Dec. 17: Live episode featuring travel writer Ivan Quintanilla of Traveling IQ 

Dec. 24: Our holiday special, featuring musical performances by Sanjaya Malakar, Tom Goss, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Erika Amato, Patrick Bodd and our very own Steve Chazaro. 

Dec. 31: "Best of ASS: Sanks for the Memories": A fond farewell and look back at show highlights over the past five years, plus listener voicemails. 

With love to and gratitude for you all. 


Richard Pryor, Jr. Tells All 

It's been a minute. Updating this blog on a regular basis has proven to be a challenge for me, especially as my work life – as in my actual job, not the podcast – has become far more intense than it used to be. So rather than trying to catch up on everything that's happened since my last post, I'll just let you know the latest.

On the most recent episode, I sat down with Richard Pryor, Jr. for an amazingly candid and revealing interview. In fact, it was so revealing that I sent out a press release after the fact:


Richard Pryor, Jr. Sheds New Light on Sex Abuse Allegations against Comedian Paul Mooney 

Son of legendary comedian Richard Pryor also discusses his father’s own fluid sexuality with Podcast Host Adam Sank 

Nov. 14, 2022 (New York City) – In a new and exclusive interview on the Adam Sank Show Podcast, Richard Pryor, Jr., the eldest son and namesake of the comic trailblazer, clarified his response to a report that the late comedian Paul Mooney was one of the men who sexually abused him as a child. 

In his 2019 memoir, In a Pryor Life, Pryor Jr., now 60, wrote about multiple instances of sexual abuse he suffered as a minor. But he didn’t name any of his abusers in the book. 

Shortly after the book’s publication, a former bodyguard for Richard Pryor, Sr., Rashon Kahn, claimed in an interview that Mooney had had sex with Pryor Jr.,  leading Pryor Sr. to put a million-dollar bounty on Mooney’s head. Jennifer Lee, the widow of Richard Pryor, Sr., then repeated that allegation in a tweet. 

Through his publicist, Mooney denied the accusation in August 2019. He died two years later, in May 2021, after suffering a heart attack. 

In Pryor Jr’s interview on the Adam Sank Show podcast, the host asks him if, given Mooney’s passing, Pryor Jr. now wishes to confirm that Mooney had been one of his abusers. 

Pryor responds: “Generally when people speak up about someone who has passed and talk about what they’ve done – especially someone as popular as Paul Mooney – that person who was the [victim] is attacked. Because they say that [the deceased] person can longer defend themselves. ‘Why didn’t you say something when that person was around?’ So to avoid retribution because of that, that’s why I haven’t said anything, even after he passed away.” 

Reflecting on the media attention that followed Kahn’s naming of Mooney, Pryor Jr. says: “At the time, when it all came out, it floored me. People were like, forcing me to say something, and that even made it harder for me to say something because of that.” 

Richard Pryor, Jr.

Sank also asks Pryor Jr., who is openly gay, about his father’s own sexuality. In a 2018 interview, music producer Quincy Jones claimed that Pryor. Sr. had once had an affair with Marlon Brando, a report echoed by Jennifer Lee. And Pryor Sr. himself had joked onstage about his sexual encounters with men. 

On the podcast, Pryor Jr. denies the Brando rumor but confirms that his father was open about his varied sexual experiences. “I don’t know if he was bi or experimenting, but I know he did – has done – [sex with men] before. He’s never shielded anything, really, from us. I remember he had a relationship with a transgender performer called Sir Lady Java back in the day. And I remember her being at the hospital when he had his burn incident [in 1980]. It wasn’t anything that was hidden from us.”   

Richard Pryor, Sr. died from a heart attack in 2005 at the age of 65, after years of battling Multiple Sclerosis. You can listen to Richard Pryor, Jr.’s full interview with the Adam Sank Show here. The interview begins about 35 minutes into the episode.



I urge you to listen to the entire episode, which also features Tarik Daniels filling in for Steve. 

Tarik will be back with us again this coming Saturday, Nov. 19, when we interview one of my oldest and dearest (and hottest) friends, Emmy-nominated choreographer-turned-film director Brian Thomas. Brian's first film is an incredibly powerful documentary entitled Amy's Victory Dance, and it tells the story of Amy Jordan, a dance who overcame overwhelming odds – including blindness and a horrific bus accident – to survive and thrive. I honestly think it's going to nab an Oscar nomination.

Director Brian Thomas

Brian will also talk to us about what it was like working with Michael Jackson – and his take on those notorious child sex abuse allegations. 

As always, you can listen to this episode the moment it first airs by subscribing to the Adam Sank Show at DNRStudios. You can listen to all episodes beginning a week after they premier HERE.

Thanks as always for listening.

Much love,



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