Daddy Cream Rises to the Top 

Hey, Fam!

As I mentioned in the last post, tomorrow (Aug. 13) at 11AM ET, DNRStudios subscribers will get to hear our live interview with adult video star Daddy Cream, also known as Jovon Joseph. Jovon/Daddy is about to drop his second memoir, entitled "Life After Marriage."

He sent me an advance copy, and honey, it is JUICY. One of the things I admire so much about this guy, aside from his beautiful penis, is that he is an open book. From living with HIV to his troubled relationship with his daughter's mom…

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Get Ready for Sanjaya... and Some Other Amazing Guests! 

Happy Friday, fam! 

Just two more days until we find out whether the A.S.S. has been nominated for a Podcast Award. I'm on pins and needles! BTW, now's a good as any time to make sure you're following us on all our various platforms:

Speaking of YouTube, we may be doing a video edition of the A.S.S. sometime in the near future. Stay tuned.

And speaking of the near future…

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I Want Your Sex (But Not Your Monkeypox) 

I'm alive! This despite a nasty super-flu that knocked me on my ass for the better part of last week. It wasn't Monkeypox or COVID... but it was bad. Suffice it to say, I fell behind on my ASS-blogging, but I'm back and happy to tell you what's been happening on the pod lately.

First, the Dallas Steele episode has generated a lot of buzz, as I expected it would. It's available for free now, so give it a listen HERE. (As George Michael would say, "Listen without prejudice.")

Speaking of George Michael, we…

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Big D... Little-A-Double-L-A-S. 

(Extra points for anyone who gets the title reference.)

Some weeks back, I posted about an ethical dilemma I was having with regard to booking a huge-dicked and seemingly nice but possibly right-wing porn star. Well, I did it. The porn star in question is Dallas Steele, and his episode is currently available for DNR Studios subscribers and will go wide (like his penis) to the rest of you on Saturday, July 23.

In the end, I'm so glad I decided to have Dallas on; his interview turned out to be one our most…

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Nominate this A.S.S.! 

UPDATE: It turns out that Derek and Romaine DID, indeed, submit for a 2022 Podcast Award in the LGBTQ category (albeit later than most). So please vote either for them OR for If These Ovaries Could Talk in that category. But vote for the A.S.S. in the Comedy category!


Belated happy 4th of July, kiddos!

I'm behind in my blogging again. So, in lieu of an apology, here's a photo of my behind.

Butt seriously...

Now that I've gotten your attention, it's time to nominate the A.S.S. for…

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It's NYC Pride! And You (Michael) Must-o Listen! 

I'm baaaaack! Sorry to have fallen off with the blog posts lately; I've had an unusually busy couple of weeks. But all my extracurricular obligations have ended for the moment... just in time for NYC Pride Weekend!

This is my favorite time of year, and since we're past the worst of COVID (fingers crossed), the celebrations across the city should be off the chain. (Of course, now we've got Monkey Pox to worry about, but so far the spread is relatively contained – with only 30 known cases since early May…

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Drew Droege, Questionable Audio and an Ethical Booking Dilemma 

Dear Reader:

We begin with an ethical dilemma: I recently became acquainted, via a Facebook thread, with a well-known gay porn star. This man has an interesting backstory; he was already known to many people before he began his porn career. Also, he has a truly magnificent penis. But after mentioning to him that I'd love to have him on the ASS – and he said he'd be into it – I had multiple people reach out privately and inform me that this guy is something of a right-winger.

He's not a Trumper – I actually…

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Rachel Butera Hears Voices! 

Happy Pride Month, gang!

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend. The warm weather finally reached us here in the Big Apple, and I spent Sunday evening on the rooftop at the Eagle, my favorite local haunt, along with some good friends. It definitely put me in the mood for summer.

The fanny pack was a choice. But Paul and Tyler look cute.

We're going to be live in the studio this Saturday, and I want to warn you (and Gael) in advance that I'm going to have not one, not two, but THREE items for…

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Porn Stars and Authors and Boy Radio – Oh My! 

Sorry for the long break, Dear Readers; I took a week off for some R&R on Fire Island (which was mostly cloudy and rainy, but restful nonetheless).

With Patrick and Jeffrey during a cloudy beach walk.

I'm back now, and as we head into a long holiday weekend, you have SO MUCH ASS to listen to in the car, train or plane or while lying on the beach.

To wit:

  • Best of ASS Porn to Be Wild – Our super-sized special looking back on some of the most fascinating (and dick-stiffening) porn stars we've had on the…
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Porn to be Wild! 

Dearest Children:

Sometimes even Mama needs a vacation. That's why I'll be in Fire Island this Saturday – part of a weeklong getaway, actually – and not in studio recording another episode of the ASS for my thirsty listeners.

But... and it's a big butt... fear not! We have a brand new super-sized special coming your way entitled "The Best of ASS: Porn to Be Wild." Co-hosted by hilarious twinkster comedian Drew Lausch, the special features wild interviews with some of the porn superstars (and up-and-cummers)…

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